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intention amplified productions

we play with resonant allies to co-create transformational experiences.

we amplify purpose, resonance, and magic ...

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solar legacy - june 26, 2016

ceremony pic.jpg

an event celebrating and showcasing one family home's conversion to energy completely sourced on solar. they were interested in encouraging their neighbors and sharing what they could about lower impact living, even in urban areas.

this enriching event featured expert panelists, live improv music, 2 of LA's finest DJ's, organic elixirs, and the highest vibrations all around...

we also had a huge blessing of an impromptu Mayan Fire Ceremony, led by Tata Jose Munoz, that set off a spark in the hearts of all our special and revered guests.

Deep thanks to the Ellis Family! We adore you!

leimert park artwalk | last sundays 

4343 leimert blvd 90008

Coordinating up to 4 stages - talent, logistics, and managers. Featuring youth and intergenerational performers from every corner of this great city. Intention Amplified's mission with their involvement is to unite LA and bring all area codes to this historic & revered cultural epicenter of arts and African Culture. To celebrate diversity and encourage sharing our talents, voice, artistic expression. Features DJ's, dancers, singers, bands, emcees, poets, cyphers, comedy, live art, painting, multimedia, film screenings and more.

music masters

allowing what wants to come through ... coming forward through sound in live jam settings.

from the tops of Hollywood Hills to beach jams under Full Moons. We've had multimedia gatherings of activation, heart connection, ceremony, incantations, art shows, soul buffet, reiki shares, healing massage, all riding the waves of inspiration ...



we gather regularly to activate eachother and be in connected listening, honoring, support, rememberance, and celebration of eachother.

encouraging creative movement and expression... and also holding space to process any emotions that come up in the dynamic, interdimensional experience of being a woman...

SO many energizing, nourishing, amplifying, enriching, delicious gatherings coming up on the near horizon...

stay tuned in... it's about to accelerate! 

calendar coming soon!


intention amplified productions    women's circles     transformational experiences     digital currency intel 


disrupting the financial industry

we shall be hosting events on the prime paradigm enabling technology : the blockchain.

we work with bitcoin, and 2 other emerging coins that have dynamic business models that support the mainstream adoption and use of cryptocurrency.

bankless. instant. borderless. peer to peer.

a step away from money...

leading to beyond money...

come with us on this journey towards a liberated, abundant, joyful autonomous world!

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blockchain 101