goddess empowerment

women's leadership

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how do i step more fully into my power ...?

in sisterhood.

with the support of women with just as many layers of complexity...

when we see eachother. honor each other. love each other...

we become more alive!

and shine even brighter!

for more support, visit my dear sister, Luna Love: luna love leadership

and her amazing podcast: ladies who lead

to connect with more badass, goddess visionaries like yourself ... <3


unify | global sisterhood

connect with a woman's circle near you!


we activate each other...

our power amplifies when we connect, explore, play, create, dance, sing, laugh together

in sisterhood.

there's nothing like being with other powerhouse women...

it invites us to step even more into your power and creativity...

and shift the planet!

find more sister circles here:

intention amplified's goddess circles

sacred sister circle

unify global sisterhood


happy hormones




expert, alisa vitti, shares ways that we can become more aware of our internal flow as women

and how to use our body wisdom to more fully 

live. laugh. play. thrive.



yoni crystals | chelsey lehl

there's so much to explore ...

sacred pleasure ...

sacred cleansings ...


what a blessed and momentous privilege to be a woman ...

a goddess.

we bring human life to the planet ...

and deserve the highest reverence ...

as such, we get to honor ourselves with the highest forms of self care.

explore more ways to love yourself ... :)