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subconscious rhymes

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subconscious rhymes

circumventing the conscious ... 

speaking directly to the subconscious, to the soul, to the heart,

to the place where there is no logic.. only feeling.

only knowing..

soundtracks for awakening ...


sound elevation sessions

sound master, alan tower, takes you on a journey ...

sound elevation sessions are an invitation to explore a sound playground, overflowing with magic and uniquely crafted sound immersion experiences.

deepen your sense and experience of vibration through the resonance center's creations.

improve vocal skills and range ...

also enhance your vibrational palette as a sound practitioner.



SUBconscious rhymes     sound elevation     edwing sankey   

edwing sankey


edwing plays ancient mystical music, which comes through him from Boganathar, guru of Kriya Babaji.

these sounds have been developed to carry the listener to inner planes where the scales invoke various Saints, Angels and Masters who reside on that energetic field ...


'I dedicate all this music to Saints and Sages of ALL RELIGIONS, who raise the vibration of the entire GALAXY through thought transference'

- Edwing Sankey